A model-based approach to develop robotics applications with component-based middlewares

  • Gianluca Bardaro Politecnico di Milano


Modern robotic systems are a combination of sophisticated software and hardware components and they offer complex functionalities. While (few) popular middlewares which promote component-level reusability, and assist development, exist, there are no established techniques or procedures that use a formal approach to robot system and architecture design yet. This work aims at the long term goal of model-based design and development of complex robot systems (and their software architectures), by surpassing current techniques based on personal expertise and best practices in favor of model-based approaches. Our contribution tackles the problem from the ground up by proposing a way to model ROS nodes, and robotic architectures in general, using the Architecture Analysis and Design Language (AADL) and by deriving, from these models, reusable templates to streamline the design of robotic systems and minimize their development time. The result is not bound to ROS, proven by outlining a model also for RoCK, and provides a general formal framework to describe complex robotic architectures suitable for automatic code generation and system verification.